IPFW Scholarship Application
2013-2014 IPFW Common Scholarship Application
IPFW Financial Aid Office, Kettler Hall Room 102
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Phone: (260) 481-6820, Fax: (260) 481-4159, Email: finaid@ipfw.edu
If you have already been admitted to IPFW and have setup your my.ipfw email account,
please do not fill out this form. Instead, login to https://my.ipfw.edu, select "Enrollment" tab,
and follow "2013-2014 IPFW Common Scholarship Application" link
inside "IPFW Common Scholarship Application" channel.
Student Information
Please specify your anticipated IPFW graduation semester and year:
Keep in mind some scholarships require full time enrollment while others do not.
Additional Eligibility Criteria for Restricted Scholarships
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Additional documentation may be required for some scholarships.

Certification Statement
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I authorize IPFW to release personally identifiable information from my education record to outside entities for
scholarship selection, to scholarship donors and/or for publicity purposes regarding the awarding of a
scholarship. This could include items such as my class, major and GPA. If I receive a scholarship, prize or
award, I understand there is an expectation I send a letter of appreciation to the donor and participate in
events pertaining to the awarding of the scholarship.
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Nov 24, 2017
Nov 24, 2017